Philip Bellomo - How I Found A Gem In The Desert

How I found a gem in the desert

It was not a coincidence when my world collided with 92-year-old Philip Bellomo. Going through a tough time in my life and needing a place to live. I drove down the road from where I called "home" for 6 years. The road snaked into the desert where I saw a sign that said "guest house for rent". I have been going down this road for over 6 years and never remember seeing that sign. I flipped my white ford expedition and pulled over and called the number on the sign. A gentle voice answered and described the guest house. I quickly said " Can I come over, I'm on the main road?" He agreed. I was there in about 2 minutes. Excited Bellomo gave me a tour of the home that he designed. Walls draped with hand painted canvases, furniture and ceramics that gave me the feeling that this person wasn't no ordinary


As we continued the tour we headed to the main house where I was greeted with more painting and ceramics. The home looked like a museum, like a picture right out of a catalog. The house was filled with white tile and white walls with big colorful paintings. As we moved down to the living room the room was filled with patterns and shadows that laced the furniture. At this point of our tour I started to really be in a state of "shock" as if this was deeper then just finding a place to live. Have you ever had the feeling, when meeting someone that you were suppose to meet that person? Everything you have done in your life points to that person.

More tomorrow...

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